20 stycznia 2021 Imieniny: Fabioli, Miry, Sebastiana

zaścianek Babie Lato

po wodzie

For water lovers, we have good news. you can use it:

  • And Rawka,
  • Our ponds,
  • 40 hectares near the lagoon,

For these fields to achieve a very extensive training and entertainment programs.

Water program with racing fans wielobojów combining march direction, biking or horseback riding. The programs often fictional scenes rich.

Fishing from fishing privileges everywhere, amateurs - in our pond.

On the water class is always accompanied by the rescue.

River Rawka (Nature Reserve)

Canoeing and wildlife and wild river Rawka an unusual encounter. This is the last river Polish Centre, which has been completely preserved its natural characteristics, including their mastery of the beaver, its activities everywhere.

Wrapped in the spring after the rain, wild river poprzegradzana fallen trees are the most persistent challenge athletes.

In the summer, we organize canoe for families with children.

Our customers who want to try their hand at the event company kayaking, etc. Enjoy Grabi most popular two-hour episodes backwater rebound.

For canoeing enthusiasts organizing rallies for several hours, several days.

For environmental protection, nature lovers, we organized educational trips along the river and the surrounding rivers Rawka large reserves. They gave from the Regional Center for Environmental Education in Budy Grabskie travel experts.


We created many chances półhektarowy pond, an extensive program of entertainment and organization of training.

  • We recognize wielosmakowe racing dinghies, kayaks, rafts.
  • You can play matches on the boardwalk "hockey" or water basketball.
  • You can dive.
  • You can lay pontoon.
  • You can see beaver beaver lodge built in a pond shore.


Two years ago, he was in our village, the village graves Ziemiary established between flood czterdziestohektarowy. In the future, it is to have 100 hectares bordering backwater rebound.

Today allow training programs, and to overcome obstacles to a more ambitious form of water recreational activities to enrich, even in the form of a sailboat.



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